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Q.1) I have been living in Delhi from 1989.
A. eversince
B. since
C. in
D. No improvement

Q.2) He is a descendant from the Mughal royalty.
A. of
B. in
C. for
D. No improvement

Q.3) Flowers embellishment the beauty of our surroundings.
A. replenish
B. destroys
C. enhance
D. Corrects

Q.4) Murder of a man -
A. Regicide
B. Homicide
C. Fratricide
D. Genocide

Q.5) Lasting only for a very short while -
A. Transparent
B. Temporal
C. Temperate
D. Temporary

Q.6) A number of stars grouped together -
A. Orbit
B. Constellation
C. Comet
D. Solar Syatem

Q.7) Find Synonym : Adorn -
A. Trust
B. Beautify
C. Suspect
D. Writer

Q.8) Strong dislike between two persons -
A. Aversion
B. Apathy
C. Despair
D. Antipathy

Q.9) Find Antonym : Shallow -
A. Deep
B. High
C. Long
D. Wide

Q.10) His manners ......... him.
A. speak up
B. speak out
C. speak of
D. speak for

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