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Q.1) Gandhiji believed that wild animals attacked man because they were ...... .
A. take care
B. afraid
C. beware
D. peoples

Q.2) The sword of Chhatrapati Shivaji was..... to England by the British rulers and has been recovered after our independence.
A. taken away
B. handed over
C. cought cold
D. taken place


Q.4) ....... Sita was playing cricket, she fell and hurt herself.
A. As
B. Since
C. While
D. As soon as

Q.5) Being himself a lawyer by ....... and jurist by temperament Ambedkar emphasized the role of law in society.
A. education
B. birth
C. profession
D. companionship

Q.6) Had you visited Hyderabad you ...... seen the martyrs memorial in front of the Andhra Assembly building.
A. would have
B. had
C. might have
D. will have

Q.7) Priya imagined that her father was standing before her while the cook ..... cracking jokes with her sisters in the kitchen.
A. has been
B. is
C. will be
D. was

Q.8) Find Synonyms : Vain : ?
A. idle
B. very proud
C. cruel
D. weak

Q.9) Find Synonyms : Partially : ?
A. compensation
B. whipped
C. completely
D. not completely

Q.10) Find Antonyms : Handsomeness : ?
A. abusing
B. ugliness
C. stunning
D. plentiful

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