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Q.1) Girls usually / are taking / more time / for dressings.
A. girls usually
B. are taking
C. more time
D. for dressings

Q.2) I / am going / to theatre / now.
A. I
B. am going
C. to theatre
D. now

Q.3) Suganya / sing / better than / Suriya.
A. suganya
B. sing
C. better than
D. suriya

Q.4) Each and every one / was / present / at the wedding.
A. Each and every one
B. was
C. present
D. at the wedding

Q.5) The / plants are dry / for / the lack of water.
A. the
B. plants are dry
C. for
D. the lack of water

Q.6) The electrician / is / do / writing work.
A. the electrician
B. is
C. do
D. writing work

Q.7) Either suganya / nor Kanmani / has attended / the function.
A. either suganya
B. nor kanmani
C. has attended
D. the function

Q.8) My friend / and myself / and myself / together now.
A. my friend
B. and myself
C. and myself
D. together now

Q.9) The house / has been / built / in 2012.
A. the house
B. has been
C. built
D. in 2012

Q.10) The / woods / floats / in waters.
A. the
B. woods
C. floats
D. in waters

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