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Q.1) An intelligent student is not doing well in studies. What is the best course of the action for the teacher?
A. Wait till he performs better
B. Give him grace marks in the examination
C. Find out reason for his under achievement
D. Ask his parents to withdraw from school

Q.2) It is said that teacher should be resourceful, This means that -
A. He should have enough money and property so that he may not have to take up tuitions
B. He should have adequate knowledge so that he may be able to solve the problems of students
C. He should have contacts with high authorities so that he may not be harmed
D. He should have good reputation among students so that authorities may not be able to take any punitive measure against him

Q.3) Which of the following Motives are considered as primary motives?
A. Physiological Motives
B. Psychological Motives
C. Educational Motives
D. Social Motives

Q.4) Creative writing should be an activity planned for–
A. Only those children spell and write cohesive sentences
B. Only those children who want to write for newspaper
C. All children
D. Only those children reading on grade level

Q.5) As a teacher what techniques you would follow to motivate students of your class - 1. By illustration 2. Use of black board 3. By setting induction 4. By active participation of students
A. Only 1 & 2
B. Only 3
C. All Of Those
D. Only 1,2 & 3

Q.6) If a child writes 16 as 61 and gets confused between Band D, this is case of -
A. Visual Impairment
B. Learning Disability
C. Mental Impairment
D. Mental Retardation

Q.7) What are the factors related to learner that effects the learning?
A. Readiness and Willpower
B. Physical and Mental health of the learner
C. Level of aspiration and achievement motivation
D. All of the Above

Q.8) The term Identical Elements is closely associated with -
A. Similar test questions
B. Jealousy between peers
C. Group Instructions
D. Transfer of learning

Q.9) A thorough search of the aircraft was carried ...... in the airport.
A. on
B. out
C. off
D. along

Q.10) My friend's father died ........ cancer.
A. by
B. from
C. of
D. with

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