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Q.1) The fisherman gladly ...... up the baby and took it to home.
A. loaded
B. dragged
C. picked
D. puched

Q.2) We can not ........ of life without suitable environment.
A. think
B. buy
C. extract
D. live

Q.3) He thought the boy ........ to benefit the blacksmith.
A. desire
B. wants
C. wanting
D. harm

Q.4) A man who is perpetually ...... which of the two things here will do first, will do neither.
A. confuses
B. orders
C. forced
D. hesitating

Q.5) He knelt at his side and comforted him with ........ .words.
A. harsh
B. silent
C. kind
D. cruel

Q.6) Find Synonyms : Sincere -
A. open
B. earnest
C. upright
D. dissolute

Q.7) Find Synonyms : Self-sufficient -
A. dependent
B. self-reliant
C. overflowing
D. adequate

Q.8) Find Synonyms : Encourage -
A. stimulate
B. animate
C. urge
D. dissuade

Q.9) Find Antonym : Reality -
A. authentic
B. imagination
C. superfluous
D. lackadaisical

Q.10) Find Antonym : Ability -
A. competency
B. aptitude
C. importance
D. inefficiency

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