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Q.1) For a child, a blow ...... self-esteem is a terrible thing.
A. with
B. of
C. to
D. on

Q.2) It is our duty to get ..... the truth.
A. over
B. to
C. at
D. into

Q.3) The Principal called .... an explanation from the clerks.
A. for
B. on
C. out
D. in

Q.4) The Greenland ice sheet is ..... at the rate of about 12 cubic.
A. smelting
B. condensing
C. melting
D. freezing

Q.5) The ..... crowd gave the victorious team a tumultuous welcome.
A. noisy
B. troublesome
C. arrogant
D. jubilant

Q.6) To look down one's nose -
A. To show anger
B. To retaliate
C. To regard with contempt
D. To insult in the presence of others

Q.7) At the eleventh hour -
A. At eleven o'clock
B. At the Wrong time
C. At the last possible moment
D. At the initial moment itself

Q.8) Find Synonym : Defer -
A. Indifferent
B. Defy
C. Postpone
D. Differ

Q.9) Find Synonym : Cancel -
A. Allow
B. Approve
C. Break
D. Abolish

Q.10) Find Antonym : Confident -
A. Worried
B. Pessimistic
C. Diffident
D. Depressed

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