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UPTET, CTET Online Test :: Child Development & Pedagogy (बाल विकास और शिक्षणशास्त्र)

                Child Development & Pedagogy Online Test

Time Remaining:

Q.1) The best method to study growth and development of the child is–
A. Psychoanalytic Method
B. Comparative Method
C. Statistical Method
D. Developmental Method

Q.2) . "A Child can think logically about objects and events" This is the characteristic given by Piaget of stage–
A. Sensory Motor
B. Pre Operational
C. Concrete Operational
D. Formal Operation

Q.3) Gardner formulated a list of Seven Intelligencies, which among the following is not one of them? -
A. Spatial Intelligence
B. Interpersonal Intelligence
C. Linguistic Intelligence
D. Emotional Intelligence

Q.4) Vygotsky proposed that Child Development is–
A. A product of social interaction
B. A product of formal education
C. A product of assimilation and accommodation
D. Due to genetic components of a culture

Q.5) Term PSRN in development implies–
A. Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy
B. Problem solving relationship and numeracy
C. Perceptual skill, reasoning and numeracy
D. Perceptual skill, relationship and numbers

Q.6) Socialization is a process by which children and adults learn from ?
A. Family
B. School
C. Peers
D. All of the Above

Q.7) Determinants of Individual differences in human beings relate to–
A. Differences in Environment
B. Differences in Heredity
C. Interaction between Heredity and Environment
D. Both Heredity and Environment interacting separately

Q.8) Special education is related to -
A. Educational for talented students
B. Educational programmes for disabled
C. Training programmes for Teachers
D. Training programme for retarded

Q.9) A few students in your class are exceptionally bright, you will teach them–
A. ) Along with the class
B. Along with higher classes
C. By using Enriched programmes
D. Only when they want

Q.10) If a child has mental age of 5 years and chronological age of 4 years than what will be the IQ of child? -
A. 125
B. 80
C. 120
D. 90

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