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                                                       English Online Test

Q.1) Find Error -
A. The man ran
B. to a tree, climbed
C. on to it and
D. sit on a branch.

Q.2) Find Error -
A. A young man was standing
B. on the road proclaiming
C. that he had the more
D. beautiful car in the whole world.

Q.3) Find Error -
A. The only thing that
B. the couple worried on
C. was, whether their
D. happiness would last forever.

Q.4) Find Error -
A. One day, the king woke up
B. earlier than usually
C. to take a stroll
D. around his palace.

Q.5) Find Error -
A. The girl sat down
B. for dinner but refused to
C. ate until
D. her father came home .

Q.6) Rail travellers won't have to carry print ..... of e-tickets.
A. off
B. out
C. upon
D. up

Q.7) Ethnic clothes and .... should be reserved for special occasions.
A. jewellery
B. buttons
C. medals
D. shoe

Q.8) All the students ..... Naman completed this assignment on time.
A. accept
B. expect
C. except
D. include

Q.9) The speaker had no ..... of hurting the sentiments of the audience.
A. interested
B. problem
C. intention
D. ideas

Q.10) The two countries have agreed to ..... visas to the students.
A. issue
B. demand
C. permission
D. play

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