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IAS, SSC, UPPCS, MPPCS, TET, CTET, AFCAT : Biology Online Test


Q.1) The National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources is located at -
A. Bangalore
B. New Delhi
C. Jammu
D. Shillong

Q.2) When a child is born, its blood -
A. flows for the first time
B. reverses its flow through the heart
C. ceases to pass from one atrium to the other
D. carries wastes for the first time

Q.3) The average length of human pregnancy is -
A. 34-36 Weeks
B. 36-38 Weeks
C. 38-40 Weeks
D. 34-40 Weeks

Q.4) Pollination by insects is called -
A. anemophily
B. hydrophily
C. ornithopophily
D. entomophily

Q.5) The sex of a child is determined by -
A. Chromosomes of the father
B. Chromosomes of the mother
C. Rh factor of the parents
D. blood group of the father

Q.6) Which on of the following scientists is known as the father of the modern genetics -
A. Hargovind Khurana
B. T.H. Morgan
C. Gregor John Mendel
D. Charles Darwin

Q.7) Fruit development without fertilisation is called -
A. apogamy
B. polycarpy
C. parthenocarpy
D. porogamy

Q.8) Jhum is -
A. a folk dance
B. the name of a river valley
C. a tribe
D. a type of cultivation

Q.9) In human beings, sex is determined by the sex chromosomes X and Y. What would, then, be the genetic constitution of a normal women -

Q.10) The universal recipient blood group is -
A. A
B. O
C. B

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