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Queries and their Answers related to Selected AROs/ROs in Allahabad High Court

Summary of Questions and their answers:
1. Salary of ARO & RO
Ans: ARO 51k Gross, 46-47k in hand. RO 55K gross, 50K in hand.
2. Procedure for Already serving employees
Ans: Get NOC, Technical Resignation, Relieving order from previous employer, can take lien (For Serving Central employees) **
3. Despatch particulars of Joining/Appointment/Call letters
Ans: Not yet. Expect it 20 May or later or can be extended to July. The Joining letter will be issued after proper verification from institutes of eligibility certificates.
ARO despatch is in last stage. RO despatch in initial. Cross verification of CCC certificate and others can be a reason behind it. Though promotion issues are also true. And yes it is not necessary that ARO comes first, it may be possible that both come together.
The day Call letters are despatched, same will be made available online also. You have to bring the joining letter obtained from postman to Allahabad for joining. In case non-receipt through post, print the online letter exactly the same on Green Legal Paper. Well wait for official notification, the procedure will already be mentioned. Police Verification and Medical will be done for all.(as per source)
4. What benefit will someone get if going through proper channel (centre, state, PSU, banks)
Ans: As one source revealed, there is no specific benefit of it, however Pay Protection is there and may be get some priority in accomodation waiting list. No leave will be added from previous service, so get encashment of the leaves you earned in previous department. NPS will be transferred to this new department in case of proper channel. Try to go through proper channel.
5. Workload
Ans: Heaven for girls. 9.30 to 4.30. For boys depends on which section you have been alloted. 9.30 to 6 for some sections and 3-4 sections it can be upto 9.30 to 8. And yeah the day you joined, you have to start working. You will report at Establishment section of Allahabad High Court, Allahabad and remain posted there. After that you may get transferred if you will and are suitable which depends no of seats in lucknow against your vacancy, no of requests and your merit in selection list. Overall Workload is Moderate to Heavy. Workload is more in Lucknow in compare to Allahabad.
6. Leaves
Ans: 14 CL and 31 EL per year. 365 Medical leave through lifetime. 15 day summer vacation, 10 days winter vacation.
At Allahabad leaves are easy. At Lucknow it is tough.
7. Negative points
Ans: Workload, insufficient inrastructure, possibility of chargesheets due to wrongdoing of others etc. Better ask a senior in this regard. 10 year minimum wait for next promotion, then Law graduates will be preferred.
8. Waiting list procedure
Ans: RO Not come. ARO may come
9. Chances of getting posted in desired city and process
Ans: First posting at Allahabad. Then they will take option form. And depending upon your merit you can get. 38-40 Persons can get Lucknow. Rest not much hopeful.
10. Government Accommodation availability
Ans: Very less chances of getting the same.
11. Medical benefits
Ans: Like other state departments it is migrating to Cashless. Though currently pay then claim system is in culture.
12. LTC
Ans: Forget.
13. Other perks
Ans: 500 Dress Allowance 1300 Special allowance, 3380 HRA (Fixed) and some phone and newspaper allowance. No TA.
14. Promotion aspects
Ans: ARO(3 Year)-->RO(8-10 Year)-->Section Officer-->Assistant Registrar-->Deputy Registrar
As RO after 10 Year you can write Bench Secretary Exam which is a far relaxed and powerful cadre in High Court.
15. Whether current case will have any effect now, near future, or far future on RO recruits
Ans: Case will be dismissed. Forget them. Join RO.
16. What should 24 ARO+ RO selected candidates choose who are in both list in light of the ongoing case
Ans: No need to fear. However if ARO comes first join ARO, and when RO comes, join RO. No problem.
**Technical Resignation- Inform previous employer about you going to write exam in advance. after selection inform employer and get releiving from there and join new department. Good for Central to Central/State/Judiciary.
Lien- Vacancy arising in your previous department due to your selection in other department will not be filled by your previous department for a period of 2 years. So that if you wish to return before 2 year or confirmation in new department whichever is earlier, you can continue your service in your previous department as you were when you left your previous department.
Hopefully covered all answers.

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after section officer how much time does it take to get promoted into AR,DR and JR rank ?