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SSC CPO(SI) Idiom/Phrase Online Test 1

                                    SSC CPO(SI) Idiom/Phrases Online Test 1

Q.1) keep the boll rolling
A. to continue the work
B. more information
C. to do better
D. none of these

Q.2) bore the palm
A. played quite well
B. victorious
C. defeated
D. playing a very boring match

Q.3) picking holes
A. criticizing people
B. admiring people
C. finding fault
D. arguing with people

Q.4) Through their nose
A. willingly
B. grudgingly
C. by taking loans
D. an extremely high price

Q.5) keep your wig on
A. calm down
B. hold on to your wig
C. get another hair cut
D. none

Q.6) took a leap in the dark
A. hesitant
B. confused
C. took a risk
D. cocksure

Q.7) Achilles' heel
A. source of strength
B. weak point
C. what the cherish most
D. top priority

Q.8) cut the Gordian knot
A. let the difficulty remain as it was
B. add to the difficulty
C. remove difficulty
D. lessen the difficulty

Q.9) blowing his own trumpet
A. shouting
B. boasting
C. clattering
D. None of these

Q.10) for good
A. temporarily
B. immediately
C. urgently
D. permanently

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