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General Studies Online Test 3

                       General Studies Online Test 3

Q.1) How can the Indian Citizenship be terminated?
A. By renunciation
B. By termination
C. By Deprivation
D. All of the above

Q.2) Under what circumstances Indian citizenship can not be terminated ?
A. At the time of emergency
B. At the time of war
C. At the time of Elections
D. None of the above

Q.3) Can the President be re-elected! If so, how many times?
A. Yes,2 times
B. Yes,3 times
C. No
D. Yes,as many times as he likes

Q.4) Which of the following is not produced by Motor vehicle?
A. SO2
B. H2
C. Flyash

Q.5) 60% ofSO2 pollution is due to burning of -
A. Coal
B. automobile
C. Oil
D. Industries

Q.6) Chlorosis in plants is caused by air pollution due to -
B. SO2
C. NO2
D. None of these

Q.7) Which will not cause air pollution -
A. CO2
C. H2
D. SO2

Q.8) The interval of 1degree latitude measures -
A. 211KM
B. 111km
C. 91km
D. 244km

Q.9) A leap year consists of -
A. 364days
B. 365days
C. 366days
D. 365days and an extra night

Q.10) The linear distance of a degree of latitude on an average is -
A. 79miles
B. 90.3miles
C. 72miles
D. 69miles

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