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SSC CPO(SI) General Studies Online Test 5

                            SSC CPO(SI) General Studies Online Test 5

Q.1) "Liberty is our birth right,we shall seize it". Who said it?
A. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
B. Bhagat Singh
C. Mhatma Gandhi
D. Ramprasaad Bismil

Q.2) During the period of which of the following was 'Panchtantra' written?
A. Nandas
B. Guptas
C. Mauryas
D. Sungas

Q.3) Aryabhatta and Varahmihira belong to which age -
A. Cholas
B. Guptas
C. Mauryaas
D. Mughals

Q.4) When was Mahatma Gandhi,the father of our nation,born -
A. 1889
B. 1859
C. 1879
D. 1869

Q.5) Which of the following is contained in the Concurrent list -
A. Education
B. Economic & Social Planning
C. Trade unions
D. All of the above

Q.6) Which is the final authority for establishing a new state in India
A. State Legislatures
B. Parliament
C. President of India
D. PM of India

Q.7) Which is a Ozone depleting -
A. N2O
B. CFC-12
C. CFC-11
D. All of the above

Q.8) Cyclone Collector is used to minimize -
A. Radioactive Pollution
B. Noise pollution
C. Air Pollution
D. Water Pollution

Q.9) The earth takes about .... to complete one rotation -
A. 24 hrs
B. 23hrs
C. 24 hrs 6 minutes
D. 25hrs

Q.10) 60% of the Commercial Energy in India comes from -
A. Hydel
B. Coal
C. Wind
D. Nuclear Projects

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