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Civil Services, State PCS, SSC, Other Exams :: Current Affairs 2016-2017-Part-V

                                                        Current Affairs

Time Remaining:

Q.1) What is the theme of World Aids day 2016 -
A. Getting to zero
B. Sharing the Challenge to eliminate HIV
C. Together we will end HIV
D. Hands up for HIV Prevention

Q.2) Who flagged off the trail run of the Lucknow metro rail service from Transport Nagar Metro depot to8.5 km stretch Charbaghstation on December 1, 2016.
A. मो. आज़म खान
B. राम नाईक
C. श्री अखिलेश यादव
D. श्री शिवपाल यादव

Q.3) BHEL has commissioned the first unit of the 4×30 MW Pulichintala Hydroelectric project(HEP) on December 1, 2016 in which state of India?
A. आन्ध्र प्रदेश
B. कर्नाटका
C. तमिलनाडु
D. गुजरात

Q.4) Which state has directed its Rajbhawan Staff to adopt Cashless System for all kinds of Transactions to comply with Prime Minister’s Digital economy Decision?
A. ओडिशा
B. हिमांचल प्रदेश
C. वेस्ट बंगाल
D. गुजरात

Q.5) Shriram Gojamgunde who passed away in Mumbai on December 1, 2016 at 71 was a renowned....... ?
A. Journalist
B. Actor
C. Singer
D. Professor

Q.6) With which country China has launched direct rail & sea freight service as a part of economic corridor project of the two countries launched in 2015?
A. पकिस्तान
B. भारत
C. जापान
D. uk

Q.7) 10 दिन तक चलने वाला होर्नबिल त्योहार भारत के किस राज्य से सम्बंधित है -
A. मणिपुर
B. त्रिपुरा
C. मेघालय
D. अरुणांचल प्रदेश

Q.8) According to the Central Statistics Office (CSO) the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Indian economy has grown at the rate of __________ in the second quarter of FY17.
A. 7.3%
B. 7.1%
C. 7.6%
D. 7.9%

Q.9) Which of the following elements has been discovered by Japanese scientist and literally means ‘the land of the rising sun’ ?
A. Moscovium
B. Tennessine
C. Oganesson
D. Nihonium

Q.10) According to the Times Higher Education’s (THE) BRICS and Emerging Economies University Rankings 2017 which Indian Institute has been ranked in the top 15 among 300 global universities -
A. IIT Kharagpur
B. IIT Bombay
C. IIT delhi
D. IISc, Bangalore

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