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Civil Services, State PCS, SSC, Other Exams :: Current Affairs Jan 2017-Part-VII

                                                     Current Affairs

Time Remaining:

Q.1) Which state has recently launched India’s first Student Startup and Innovation Policy -
A. केरल
B. तमिलनाडु
C. गोवा
D. गुजरात

Q.2) Where was the 20th National Conference on e-Governance organized from January 9-10, 2017 ?
A. तेलंगाना
B. आंध्र प्रदेश
C. तमिलनाडु
D. न्यू दिल्ली

Q.3) India’s largest public wi-fi service has been launched recently in which Indian state?
A. Karnataka
B. New Delhi
C. Haryana
D. Maharashtra

Q.4) Recently Axis Bank introduced the block chain service and became the third bank to do so. Which bank used the block chain technology for the first time?
B. DBL Bank
C. Yes Bank
D. HDFC Bank

Q.5) Who has won the FIFA World’s Best Player of the Year 2016 on January 9, 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland ?
A. Neymar
B. Cristiano Ronaldo
C. Antoine Griezmann
D. Lionel Messi

Q.6) Name the advanced towed artillery gun system that was successfully test-tried by the Indian Army recently in the Himalayas.
A. ड्रैगन
B. धनुष
C. भीष्मा
D. गॉडजिला

Q.7) The Indian space agency ISRO has signed a partnership pact with which country’s space agency for satellite launch technology?
B. JAXA, Japan
C. CNSA, China
D. CNES, France

Q.8) The Ministry of Health is soon to introduce a new vaccine in the Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP) from February 2017. Name that vaccine.
A. Measles-Rubella Vaccine
B. Malaria-Typhiod Vaccine
C. Ebola Vaccine
D. Chikungunya Vaccine

Q.9) Recently Botanical Survey of India scientists discovered a new species of ginger named, Zingiber pseudosquarrosum, having medicinal properties. In which region was it discovered?
A. लक्ष्यद्वीप खाड़ी
B. अंडमान और निकोबार
C. पश्चिम बंगाल
D. हिन्द महा सागर

Q.10) Chennai Open Championship में एकल पुरुष वर्ग का खिताब किसने जीता है -
A. Yuki Bhambri
B. Daniil Medvedev
C. Radu Albot
D. Roberto Bautista Agut

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