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Q.1) The car broke down and we ____ get a taxi.
A. were to
B. are to
C. had to
D. have to

Q.2) He will not work ____ he is compelled.
A. if
B. after
C. unless
D. till

Q.3) Our rich culture inspires us to take ____ in our heritage.
A. proudly
B. prided
C. pride
D. proud

Q.4) He said I ____ use his car whenever I wanted.
A. will
B. can
C. could
D. would

Q.5) The teacher said disappointedly. ‘’There is ____ in my class who can solve this problem.’’
A. anybody
B. everybody
C. somebody
D. nobody

Q.6) He ____ his living by hard work.
A. wins
B. creates
C. ables
D. earns

Q.7) Bread is usually made ____ wheat.
A. by
B. with
C. of
D. from

Q.8) Did the child ____ from the chair?
A. fall
B. falling
C. fallen
D. fell

Q.9) After initial setback, all ____ programmes were successful due to the initiative of the new dynamic team.
A. subsequently
B. subsequent
C. consequent
D. consequently

Q.10) What is the time_____ your watch.
A. in
B. from
C. by
D. on

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November 12, 2017 at 1:07 AM delete

answer of first question is given wrong by you, its option c