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SSC 10+2, Chakbandi Lekhpal English Online Test 2 : Sentence Improvement

                                                      Sentence Improvement

Q.1) Yesterday i have received a legal notice from the bank for repayment of the loan i had taken from it.
A. i did receive
B. i received
C. i had received
D. No improvement

Q.2) Ravi has been demanding a lot more marks, doesn't he?
A. hasn't he
B. isn't he
C. isn't it
D. No improvement

Q.3) I have never been hearing for him since he left this city.
A. was never heard
B. had never been heard
C. have never heard
D. No improvement

Q.4) If he will discharge his duties sincerely, he will not come to any harm.
A. has been discharging
B. discharges
C. has discharged
D. No improvement

Q.5) The sun set before we reached the village.
A. would have set
B. had set
C. would set
D. No improvement

Q.6) Mala was hurried to reach the meeting when she slipped and fell down.
A. was hurrying
B. is hurried
C. was being hurried
D. No improvement

Q.7) Why not Swati is going for this course?
A. Swati is not going
B. Swati does not go
C. is Swati not going
D. No improvement

Q.8) Despite my efforts, they did not acceded to our requests.
A. did not accede by
B. were not acceded to
C. did not accede to
D. No improvement

Q.9) They wanted to know where was his house.
A. where is his house
B. where his house be
C. where his house was
D. No improvement

Q.10) I did nothing but laughed.
A. laughing
B. laugh
C. laughed aloud
D. No improvement

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