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SSC 10+2, Chakbandi Lekhpal English Online Test 1 : Sentence Completion

                                          SENTENCE COMPLETION

 Q.1) His path was beset ..... difficulties.
A. within
B. with
C. among
D. by

Q.2) ..... cow is ..... useful animal.
A. The, an
B. a, The
C. The, a
D. a, a

Q.3) I am disgusted ..... their habits.
A. at
B. of
C. from
D. with

Q.4) His name has become a synonym ..... evil.
A. for
B. of
C. in
D. with

Q.5) He was charged ..... a whole series of crimes.
A. for
B. with
C. by
D. on

Q.6) The committee's appeal to the people for money ..... little responses.
A. evoked
B. provided
C. provoked
D. prevented

Q.7) He had taken the shocking news quietly, neither ..... fate nor uttering any word of bitterness.
A. conspiring with
B. mulling over
C. submitting to
D. railing against

Q.8) He failed to get the job though he was ..... for the interview.
A. invited
B. called
C. asked
D. None of these

Q.9) It is dangerous to intrude ..... the enemy's camp.
A. in
B. into
C. on
D. through

Q.10) The mother was anxious ..... the safety of her son.
A. at
B. for
C. about
D. upon

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