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Rajaswa Lekhpal/RRB PO,OA Online Test 20

                                General Knowledge Online Test 20

Q.1) "International Yoga Day" celebrated on -
A. 5th June
B. 22nd June
C. 20th June
D. 21st June

Q.2) BRICS summit 2015 held at -
A. BRICS summit 2015 held at -
B. Moscow
C. Ufa
D. China

Q.3) The nuclear force is -
A. Short range attractive force
B. Short range repulsive force
C. Long range repulsive force
D. Long range attractive force

Q.4) A deadly virus suddenly appear in South Korea, the name of that virus is -
A. Ebola
D. Influenza

Q.5) Which of the following is used in pencils?
A. Charcoal
B. Graphite
C. Silicon
D. Phosphorous

Q.6) "Love @ Facebook" is written by -
A. Nikita Singh
B. Hindol Sengupta
C. Chetan Bhagat
D. Jhumpa Lahiri

Q.7) Who was the founder of the City of Agra?
A. Muhammad Tughlaq
B. Ala-ud-din Khalji
C. Sikandar Lodi
D. Firoz Tughlaq

Q.8) When was Guru Nanak Dev born?
A. 1369
B. 1469
C. 1569
D. 1269

Q.9) The Jallianwala Bagh Massacre took place during the Viceroyalty of -
A. Lord Canning
B. Lord Chelmsford
C. Lord Ripon
D. Lord Curzon

Q.10) In which of the following States are the Ajanta caves(अजन्ता की गुफाएँ) situated? -
A. M.P.
B. U.P.

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