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              IBPS RRB OA/IBPS PO/CLERK Online Test 22

Q.1) Every human being is ________to the Almighty for his actions on earth.
A. Faithful
B. Accountable
C. Liable
D. Approach

Q.2) All jobs are respectable ________of their nature.
A. Immaterial
B. irregular
C. Irresponsible
D. Irrespective

Q.3) Krishna and his family members were ________from the hospital after treatment for minor injuries.
A. Discharged
B. Removed
C. Remove
D. None of the Above

Q.4) That table would collapse if both ________ on it.
A. Are standing
B. Would stand
C. Stood
D. will stand

Q.5) A herd of elephant’s ________ready to attack the lion
A. were
B. is
C. was
D. are

Q.6) I am a ________reader. I have read many books.
A. Tasty
B. Delicious
C. lively
D. None

Q.7) I do not want ________of these books.
A. All
B. Any
C. Each
D. None of the above

Q.8) The practice was slowly________.
A. Showed
B. Showing
C. To show
D. Show

Q.9) They were talking________the India.
A. With
B. In
C. About
D. On

Q.10) Rohan is well acquainted ________him.
A. At
B. With
C. in
D. Of

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