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SSC 10+2, Chakbandi Lekhpal English Online Test 3 : One Word and Fill in the Blanks

                                   English Test 

Find one word for the given words/sentences :

Q.1) A remedy for all diseases
A. Narcotic
B. Panacea
C. Tonic
D. Antiseptic

Q.2) Strong dislike between two persons
A. Aversion
B. Antipathy
C. Apathy
D. Despair

Q.3) The killing of a whole group of people
A. Patricide
B. Suicide
C. Genocide
D. Germicide

Q.4) That which is without opposition
A. Unanimous
B. Unaware
C. Verdict
D. Spontaneous

Q.5) The plants and vegetation of a region
A. Fauna
B. Flora
C. Landscape
D. Environment

Fill in the blanks :

Q.6) A thorough search o the aircraft was carried ..... in the airport.
A. on
B. off
C. along
D. out

Q.7) His manners ..... him.
A. speak of
B. speak for
C. speak out
D. speak up

Q.8) Discrimination ..... any form should be avoided.
A. of
B. from
C. in
D. by

Q.9) I can't make ends ..... on my small salary.
A. meet
B. unite
C. touch
D. join

Q.10) My friend's father died ..... cancer.
A. by
B. from
C. with
D. of

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