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SSC/Bank General English Online Test 13 : General English

                                                              General English 

Fill in the Blanks :

Q.1) I can't make ends ..... on my small salary.
A. unite
B. meet
C. join
D. touch

Q.2) His manners ..... him.
A. speak of
B. speak up
C. speak out
D. speak for

Choose the one which best express the meaning of the given word :

Q.3) Adorn
A. Suspect
B. Trust
C. Beautify
D. Writer

Q.4) Anger
A. Calmness
B. Leisure
C. Vagueness
D. Displeasure

Q.5) Commotion
A. Disturbance
B. Cheer
C. Imbalance
D. Movement

Q.6) Repose
A. Place
B. Rest
C. Keep
D. Replace

Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word :

Q.7) Explicit
A. Ambidextrous
B. Elusive
C. Allusive
D. Ambiguous

Q.8) Fastidious
A. Adjustable
B. Fussy
C. Promising
D. Cooperative

Find One Word for the given words/sentence :

Q.9) That which is without opposition
A. Unaware
B. Verdict
C. Spontaneous
D. Unanimous

Q.10) The killing of a whole group of people
A. Patricide
B. Germicide
C. Suicide
D. Genocide

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