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LIC ADO/LEKHPAL/CAPF : English Online Test

                                      English : Fill up Online Test 

Q.1) If the banks desire to ... profit,they should get rid of ... measures.
A. lose,concentrate
B. increase,populist
C. earn,unhealthy
D. maximize,traditional

Q.2) The minister had to ... some awkward questions from reporters.
A. fend
B. fend out
C. fend off
D. fend at

Q.3) There are ...parked outside than yesterday.
A. few cars
B. less cars
C. a small number of cars
D. fewer cars

Q.4) The Romans were ... science.
A. bat at
B. bad in
C. bad for
D. bad to

Q.5) The officers are ... to regular transfer.
A. free
B. subject
C. open
D. available

Q.6) I am fully ... the problems facing the industry.
A. alive with
B. alive for
C. alive to
D. alive on

Q.7) He lost confidence and ... for the deal at the last minute.
A. backed out
B. backed on
C. backed down
D. backed onto

Q.8) Happiness Consists in being ... what we have.
A. contented to
B. contented with
C. contented for
D. contented in

Q.9) Along with a sharp rise in ... , a recession would eventually result in moire men ,women,and children living in ... .
A. crime , apathy
B. deaths,slums
C. fatalities,poor
D. unemployment,poverty

Q.10) All the people involved in that issue feel a great ... to his suggestion.
A. repugnance
B. indifference
C. contradiction
D. adherence

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